Friday, 12 March 2010

Loch Tummel

Just posting some more LO of our 2004 Scotland holiday. I only finished this album in 2008 and even in 2009, I was still changing some of the pages I had done.
For these 2 pages I followed a strict LO and just rotated the LO to create the second page. Some of the stickers are Karen Foster design and I bought them during our holiday in Scotland.
For my page I used goodies that I already had in my stash, like peel-off stickers and Sakura gel-pens. I'm all ready to go. It was my DH who thaught me to fish. We use really light equipment and use artificial lures or spinners. My favourites are the Blue Fox Minnow spinners and Storm and DAM lures. I quite enjoy fishing, but it's got to be warm and sunny for me. We also catch and release our fish and will mostly fish for perch and pike. If you strike right, the fich is caught in the mouth and there is only minimal damage to it, because these 2 species have quite a bony lip (if you can call it that). My DH has shown me how to drill the fish until it's tired, so you don't need heavy gear and I can land the fish without a net and just a pair of gloves, even the pike. I never knew these fish were so beautiful.
We did not catch any fish on this particular afternoon, but we had a lovely time. There were birds of prey hunting on the other side of the loch and it was just a nice place to be with nobody else around. You could just loose yourself in nature, it was a holiday to remember.

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